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Well, I said I’d never do a blog.   And I always say “never say never.”  Should have listened to myself.  However, a bunch of people have been nagging me to do this, so, here, I heard ya’ll.

So, now comes the hard part.  What do I say that people won’t find extraordinarily boring.  I guess there is no getting around that part.  If I write something people want to read, then that’s cool.

Diving right in, today’s topic is about finding time in a day to do cool stuff while still making a living.  At last week’s Sage conference in Washington DC I saw and heard so many nifty things that I have been positively vibrating to get at them.  But the phone rings and darn if it isn’t a client.  Several calls, in fact – remember the part about us being out of town.  One of the things on my “just gotta do this” list was do create this blog.  Based on the day’s events, it appears my blog entries are going to be lateeeeeee in the evening.  But I bet it’s that way with everyone. 

You work all day hopefully doing  cool stuff and then when you get home, if you’re not totally bushed or wasted, you try to go do more cool stuff.  My mission is to try to move the really cool stuff up earlier in the day.  And isn’t that we all want.  If we have to work, it might as well be doing something that is interesting and fun.  And I have to admit, working with clients in our business is fun and challenging and rewarding.  It’s just that sometimes, you need a little quiet time to focus on learning the new goodies.  And I came back with a bunch from last week.

I guess I’m going to end this mostly philosophical entry saying I crossed off one of the things on the list.  Start a blog.

My next entry is going to talk about the ACT modules that were shown at Insights and are up on  I can’t wait to play with the new toys. 

That’s all folks…..


Written by pregen

May 23, 2008 at 11:54 pm

Posted in Ramblings

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