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Calconnect Doings last week

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As many of you know, I have been involved in Calendaring and Scheduling standards for many years.  What you may not know, though, is I started a consortium about 3 years ago to help move the standards along more agressively and to help spread the word about what you can do with calendaring.  It’s still amazing to me that people don’t realize you can create a meeting in your calendar program of choice, email an invitation to someone else, and there is a very good probability that they will receive it and their calendar program will add it to the calendar on their computer automatically.  And, what’s even more amazing, is this has been that way for a while.  That’s the “raising awareness” focus I believe the Consortium can help.

We hold three meetings a year, in January, June and October.  Several members get together and talk about current issues.  In addition, we hold an interoperability testing event, which I manage, and we test various calendar products for interoperability.  Afterwards, we post public documents that detail what worked and didn’t work.

Last week was our June event at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.  It was my first trip to Wisconsin and the campus was awesome.  Everyone was very friendly and it’s a cool place.  It was neat sitting out on the terrace overlooking a lake and having some great local beer.  Right on campus. 

Ok, back to what we tested.  Currently, the big thing we are testing is CalDAV which is a protocol that allows calendar clients to access calendar data on a remote server.  At this event, we had two clients testing scheduling, which is huge.  For someone like me who’s been waiting for true interoperability since 1989, it’s rewarding to know it might actually be happening.

So, take a “virtual walk” over to the links I included above.  And, as a test, create an invitation in your calendar app and invite someone on another calendar app to the meeting.   See what happens.  It might be surprising and may change how you interoperate with your clients, family and others when it comes to scheduling events.

Oh, and check out Eventful – a great place to find out about events and add them to your busy day.

Written by pregen

June 8, 2008 at 6:18 pm

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