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Mobile Warrior Tales

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Ok, yes, I know, it’s been a while since I posted.  A couple of nag-grams from my many (make that two) frequent readers got me to post an item here.  And actually, I hope this is a good one.

We spent three days down in Orlando listening to our current timeshare group whine at us to buy more weeks.  I had forgotten how much they REALLY push that effort and also remembered there is no such thing as a free lunch.  If someone gives you three days in a nice resort, you will pay, one way or another.

That being said, on to the topic of my blog.  We had planned on not doing any work.  Yeah, right.  No, really.  However, Friday it poured – it is summer in Florida after all.  So, not wanting to be a lightening statistic, we chose the better part of valor and stayed indoors.   Hm, I thought this would be a good time to get caught up on email and do some fun reading.

The room had wireless but we were at the absolute end of the resort so the signal was low at best.  No problem.  I pulled out my Verizon wireless card and was on the internet in a minute.  Yeah for broadband cities.  The more we travel, the more we find cities are now at broadband speeds.  We’ve been in the car, totally lost, and while Don has been driving, I’ve turned on the laptop, connected up the wireless card, gone to Google (how did we live before Google) and found out where we were. 

This was before, of course, we got our Tom Tom.  Now, really, how did we live and get around before without that puppy.  I am still not wild about the “at the next left, turn right.  Turn Right in 50 feet.  Turn Right now.  Go back and Turn around.  Go left now.  In 50 feet…..” and so on.  You get the drift.  This happened on a recent trip. 

I was heading out of Nashville late in the day during the Bonaroo Weekend.  Any of you who know what this is know that means a two hour trip home will be 4 hours because of the traffic going to this “dead head” concert.  I decided to take the back roads.  I had my trusty Tom Tom.  It guided me well and around the time it turned dusk – you know, that time when it’s “too light to be dark, and too dark to see” time – and the nice Tom Tom lady started saying turn left.  And then Turn Left.  And Then Turn Left.  WTH – then I realized I was in one of those nasty little town circles.  You know the ones – the ones where you end up taking the wrong road out of the circle.  Well, Tom Tom got me to the right road.  Cool.  Now I’m a little more forgiving of the nice lady saying turn left.

Further on in the road technologies topic – while I was sitting there quietly reading my email, a frantic note appeared and a client was in dire trouble.  He’s in Chattanooga – we are in Orlando.  Leslie is tied up with another client.  Ok, no problem.  Got on Skype, my internet calling system (because I had forgotten to charge my cell phone battery), called the client and started up a Gotomeeting session so I could take over his computer and diagnose and fix the problem.  One hour later, happy customer. 

That’s when it hit me.  There are some nifty tools out there that make us capable mobile warriers so that we can sit in a resort in Orlando, looking out at the rain spilling on the pool.  And do billable work.  And head out to the pool when it stopped raining.  My son called me to talk about my contract with his new company – – and I told him I had to be on the cell phone (now nicely charged – need one of those fast chargers) because the resort costs were too high.  I’m sitting there in a resort hotel in Orlando looking out the sliding glass doors at a pool.  Working.  He didn’t feel sorry for me.  Gee.  Think about it.  And I did.  And I realized life was indeed good.  Even though we were working – we were working the way we wanted to – not the way others wanted us to work.

Cool indeed.


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