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Calconnect – October 2008

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It was Calconnect time again, and this October we met at the Yahoo facilities in Sunnyvale CA.  Wow, what a great complex.  Lot’s of purple in evidence.  They have several campuses and all of them look like cool places to work.

Testing at the interop went very well.  There were 8 CALDAV servers, 4 CALDAV clients and 2 iCalendar vendors testing.  What was signicant is all servers were able to do testing with all clients.  That means things are working.  This is a milestone, IMHO. 

At the roundtable itself there were preview demonstrations which were even more exciting.   The previews demonstrated live interoperability in the areas of CalDAV Scheduling, iSchedule Server-Server scheduling, and Free/Busy URL.   These were not fake demos of what “could” be done – they were live demos of working code.  Neat stuff.

The next event will be testing mobile devices and calendaring.  In addition it will be our first event held in Europe.  Kerio Technologies is hosting us in Pilzen, in the Czech Republic.  We will then head to London to do a “Meet Calconnect” event so that European organizations can come and check out the organization. has more details.

That’s it for today.  Keep on calendaring.

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October 19, 2008 at 5:40 pm

Madly working on ACT Addons

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We’ve been out and about so I’m behind, once again, in posting to the blog.  However, the good news is we’ve been busy working on more ACT Addons.  First off, we’ve upgraded our popular Duplicate Remover for ACT.  It’s still only $69, but now you can check for duplicates using up to 5 fields.  This way, you can really narrow in and get all the duplicates and merge the data.

My programmer, Don, has also improved the speed of the dup removal and we’ve tested this on some pretty large ACT databases.  It works amazingly well.

Other Addon’s in the works are a tool to import product lists from Quickbooks into Opportunity lists.  And we’re working on something that will enable you to share your calendar items in ACT with other calendar programs.

Check out the products page on our website for the current and any new addons.

That’s it for now.

Product page:

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October 17, 2008 at 4:59 am

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