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This week’s Cool Tips and Learnings

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In the process of helping clients, I often stumble on cool new things or tips.  It is nearly impossible to learn everything about an application or device.  I find it’s when I’m helping others that I learn the most.

So, this week, here’s some goodies I came across that I will share with all.  They are in no particular order – just how I am finding them in my brain’s backup repository, dark dusty place that it is.

First tip.  My contact manager of choice, ACT, works with Outlook.  Ok, cool.  So, in Outlook, ACT becomes another address book.  Now, imagine you have a Global Access List (often called a GAL) if you are on an Exchange server, plus any local address books and now an ACT address book to boot.  How do you tell Outlook which one to search first.  Ah, that’s the tip here.  This tip may be different depending on your version of Outlook, but I think the core stuff all is the same.  Click on Tools – Address Book.  Easy enough.  Now, in that dialog box click on the Tools menu within the Address book.  Don’t think I’ve ever clicked on that menu item.  That’s the secret (or not so secret) place where you can choose which list to show first and in what order.  Nifty cool indeed.

Second tip.  Ever send something to the printer and have it print backwards – like looking at a document in a mirror?  Well, it turns out that there is a setting called Mirror Image on a lot of printers and it can get set somehow by other print jobs.  When you go to print the document having issues, click on Properties or Options or whatever points you at the Landscape/Portrait section.  The Mirror Image is there.  Who knew…

Third tip.  If you read this blog, you know we work with the ACT contact manager program.  A cool ACT  is that in version 2009, you can type an email address in Notes or Histories and it becomes “hot” meaning you click on it and it opens an email box.  This even works on the detail section of an Opportunity.  That one rates a star.

Last but not least the forth tip is another ACT tip that can be used in other applications as well.  First off, let’s set the stage.  HTTP://,  FTP://, Mailto://and FILE:// are URI’s (Uniform Resource Identifier).  We all should know what they do.  One opens a web page, one connects to an FTP site, one sends an email and one opens a file on your computer.  With me so far?  Well, another URI is CALLTO://.  This is the nifty one.  It will start up whatever program is set on your computer for voice calls over the Internet – say like Skype.  You can find what your computer is set to use on Internet Explorer in the Tools – Internet options section under programs.  Look for Internet Calling and see what shows up.  If you have Skype you can either choose it or Netmeeting which comes with Windows.  I believe if you have something like Vonage, it shows up as well, but don’t hold me to that.  Now, what’s the ACT tip.  In ACT, you can create a field and set it to be a URL field.  That means when you type in an address, it turns it click-able (also meaning hyperlink) and you can then initiate a voice call from that field.  Taking that a bit farther – in the field you would type callto://+12223334444 or whatever the number is.  I think you get the idea.  If you have another application of any sort, say like a Word document, that allows you to put in hyperlinks, you can put in a link that will trigger a voice call.  Think of the ways you can utilize that neat idea.  Just start a paragraph saying something along the lines of “Do you have Skype?  Want to call us today?  Click here.”  Presto.  Instant marketing.  This one rates two stars.  And a smiley – 8-).

That’s all folks.  Have a good weekend.


Written by pregen

January 30, 2009 at 7:33 pm

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