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Episode 2 – The Motorola BackFlip Saga

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In Episode 1 I promised I would say why I have decided to keep my Motorola BackFlip from AT&T.  The reason – I figured out how to get my mail, contacts and calendar on the phone.  Is it perfect yet? No.  Is it getting there? Yes.  Here’s what I did.

We’ll start with the email part first. Let me establish the environment.  I use Lotus Notes. Don’t laugh, there are millions of people using it, you just don’t know it.  IBM does an absolutely lousy job of advertising that fact.  The literature on the phone said it would support XpressMail from AT&T which supports Lotus Notes.  The AT&T literature lies. It doesn’t support it.

I logged onto the Xpressmail site to change my profile to my new phone and it doesn’t appear as an option.  Called AT&T and they suggested I point at a different phone profile to download.  Hm.  The phone they suggested is a totally different phone operating system.  Gosh, do you think it would work? No. Didn’t even try it.

One of my other email accounts is Google Mail (Gmail).  I logged on and poked around and sure enough there was a way to pull in mail from other mail sources.  I added in my Notes mail account (POP details) and presto, my mail started showing up on Google pretty much instantly.  Oh, and there was a nice side affect.  The Google SPAM controls did a better job of flagging stuff as SPAM than the program I currently use.  Bad side affect – it also flags good mail as SPAM too.  But I am able to logon and train it so that those emails are not SPAM.  The phone does an automatic sync to Gmail which meant my mail started showing up on my phone.  I set the phone to do a manual sync – i.e. sync when I want, not when the phone wants.   Perfect.  One down.

Now on to my contacts and calendar.  I use ACT by Sage for my contact and calendar management.  In addition, my company supports and resells Companionlink software.  I read that their software could also do Google sync.  I went to the program I already had loaded on my machine and clicked on the little down arrow (where I never clicked before) and lo and behold, Google was an option.  I chose this option and it then sync’d my calendar and contacts up to Google which then sync’d them down to my phone. Wah Lah.  I’m done.

Well, almost.  Computer programs and phone programs operate on different levels and worldly planes.  So, if you need to sync twice – i.e. do a replace, all is well on the computer side – but you now have dups on the phone side.  Sigh.  And of course there is no “delete multiple contacts” on the phone side.  My new mission is to find a tool to delete multiple contacts at once on the phone.  But I’m closer.

I spent two weeks playing with the phone moving icons I didn’t want off the screen and putting apps(icons) I did want on the screen.  I think I have the hang of it.  I’ve managed to find a couple of games to replace my beloved ones from the Treo.  At this point, I’m now actually ahead of where I was with my Treo. Now all I need to do is find a 3.5 headset for the phone and I’m cool.

That’s it for Episode 2.  As we progress I’ll fill in more details.  For now, though, the message is I’ll keep the phone.


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March 26, 2010 at 12:07 am

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  1. Sorry I missed you at Chamber Ambassador’s meeting this month. Hope all is going well. Interesting Blog!! Keep in touch. Cheers, Pete

    Pete Gammon

    April 27, 2010 at 2:16 pm

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