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Gmail Tip

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I am really behind in working on my blog since I’ve been on the road 3 straight weeks.  However, I’m going to post a quickie entry today because I stumbled on something cool.  Actually it was right in my face, but how many of us suffer from a scanning syndrome.  In other words, we scan a page without really seeing what is there.  Guilty.  That’s me.

To get mail forwarded to  my new Motorola Backflip, I have Gmail pick up mail from my various clients.  Then, I can get all mail on my phone in one place.  Cool.  Here’s the rub.  I get a ton of SPAM.  I mean a ton.  Since I have mail being forwarded from my POP account, which collects mail prior to my SPAM engine dissecting it, that means all the SPAM comes into GMail.  That’s not a bad thing because GMail does an even better job of identifying SPAM than my ASSP program does.  Ok so far.  The downside is GMail  does too good a job and puts valid emails into SPAM.  That means I have to go through thousands of SPAMs a day checking for valid emails.  Since you can only do 100 at a time it makes this a chore.

Real SPAM comes in flagged with the following text: [SPAM].  Items GMail “thinks” are SPAM don’t have this designation. I got the idea to do a search for mail with those keywords.  This worked but there was yet another wrinkle.  The search results only show 20 instead of 100 items  per page.  Grr.  That meant I was going through hundreds of pages deleting items.

Here comes the trick (and the “I need to be more observant note to self” Epiphany).  After selecting 20 on the page,  just to the right of the top line the following showed up “Select all conversations that match this search” – duh.  It’s highlighted in light blue so it’s not real easy to see, expect when you find out it’s there.  Eureka. Clicking that and then DELETE  deleted the thousands at one time. I have to confess – I didn’t find this on my own.  I found it doing Google searches for tricks to remove vast quantities of email.

I used to say, time and time again, “READ THE SCREEN” – you’d think I’d listen to my own preaching.

Ciao for now.


Written by pregen

June 6, 2010 at 3:28 pm

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