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Of Course You Have Questions – or a day in the life of an ACT Consultant

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The following article is another guest blog post by Leslie Munson, Customer Service Rep for our company.


Let me start off by saying to me blogs are very intimidating.  You need to watch your spelling (although you have spell checker which by the way doesn’t catch the grammar mistakes), not have short sentences and paragraphs, build a lead in story,  have good content or what I’m trying to say is write  something people will be interested in reading or gain some knowledge.

Blogs should be informative and have real meat to them to which the reader can relate or learn from.  There is an art to writing or rattling on about a subject.  I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.  So here I am giving it a shot, blogging about the real meat of this blog article – You call, of course you have questions.

Something I do everyday is work with and take phone calls about ACT!   The calls consist of “I’ve purchased ACT! and I want to utilize it the best way for our business” or “I have an error”, or “how do you do this”, “ can you help me install the wizard I just purchased” and even something like “ I want to upgrade and have to convert my data.”

What I’m leading into is I’m not a geek.  I don’t necessarily have all the answers. I try to ask the right questions and then I know where to look for an answer.    Of course I can ask my bosses, who are, I  might add, the most intelligent, knowledgeable and gracious people I know,  but I usually prefer to try and find the answer on my own.  For one, I learn from it and hopefully retain what I’ve learned.

That’s when I start on the detective work.  I find reading posts on the Sage Act Community Forum to be very helpful and I Google. Other places I do research are on the Act Certified Consultant (ACC) News Group, Sage ACT Certified Consultant Partner Portal (this one can test your patience) and yes sometimes even calling Sage support.

The ACT Community is so important.  Members jump right in to help.  Take a moment and really think about it.  You have ACC’s, Sage Support, and ACT! Users  who  frequent the forums.  You’re receiving information from geeks to just plain users.   Imagine the brain power you are tapping into here, how awesome.  So, my suggestion is start with the Sage ACT Community Forum.

After working with a client I  say  “if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call.”  Always.   And I mean it.  Even if you have what you consider to be a silly question.  Then I’ll say “or check out the ACT! Community Forum.”  To me it’s a no brainer.   Yes, I’m an ACC and I have our internal ACC Community forums.  The public doesn’t  have the ability to view the ACC Discussion board but the Sage ACT Community forum is open to anyone and there are other social sites such as  LinkedIn, FacebookTwitter and even Youtube..

Oh and by the way my bosses are Pat and Don Egen! Lov’em to pieces.

In closing, the key message here is look around for your answers.  I do. As for blogging, I was inspired to write this and I’m glad I did.  Another day of learning and teaching – I couldn’t ask for more.  In fact, I just heard about the Gotomeeting HD Face feature – ah  that’s another blog article.

Leslie Munson, CSR, Patricia Egen Consulting

(note – great article Leslie – Pat.)


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August 12, 2011 at 9:38 pm

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